Protect your staff and data with enterprise class cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is essential to protect your organisation. Having the correct measures in place can be the difference between continuing to work unaffected and permanently losing access to your files and systems.

We use business-class Webroot software to deliver comprehensive antivirus protection. Staying secure goes beyond just using antivirus software. With new ways for criminals to attack organisations we go above and beyond endpoint protection by putting in place DNS protection to ensure you don’t access dangerous websites.

Our Cybersecurity expertise go beyond software. We conduct full network audits and monitor our support customer’s networks for potential risks.

We also offer GDPR assessments via our partners and offer security and awareness training to prevent your staff from succumbing to phishing and spoofing attempts. By working closely with us we can help to ensure you’re protected and compliant.

Interested in Cybersecurity?

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