Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Keep on top of your mobile devices regardless of where they are.

More and more people are accessing their company e-mails from their phones and carrying out work from other mobile devices. Controlling your users’ access to company data on both personal and company mobile devices can be very hard to police. It’s crucial that you know that all devices being used are secure.

Intune is a mobile device management solution which is included as part of Microsoft EM+S. It allows for the simple management of all personal and company mobile devices such as laptops, phones and tablets.

One of the greatest risks to a business is a lost device. Intune allows you to protect data on your Windows 10 devices by enabling BitLocker encryption, preventing unauthorised access and allowing for the remote wiping of devices.

By enrolling all mobile devices, Intune allows you to restrict access to data and applications dependent on the user and device type. You can even setup Conditional Access to prevent high risk access based on various criteria such as user risk, location and sign-on type.

What does Intune include?

  • Conditional Access which can restrict access based on location, user risk and device type
  • Cloud-based management of all Windows, Android and iOS/Mac devices
  • The encryption of Windows 10 devices using BitLocker
  • The ability to remotely lock and wipe company data from devices if they are compromised

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