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Improve profitability

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Have you tried off-the-shelf software but nothing quite fits?

Adopting an off-the-shelf solution that doesn't quite fit, can lead to changing your business processes to suit the software, leading to employee frustration, inefficent processes and can hold your business back from achieving your growth goals. 

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Implement custom software that perfectly fits your business.


Designed to fit your needs

No need to change your business to fit your software

Industry standard tech

Developed using Microsoft and Microsoft SQL

Long term partners

We're here to support you as your business needs change

We understand software development

We've been developing bespoke business applications since 1998 and have worked with organisations across many sectors, helping them to drive efficiency and remove the frustrations of manual processes.

  • Microsoft Gold Certified
  • Experienced bespoke software developers
  • Experienced Business Analysts

Custom software in 3 steps




Design and prototype


Develop and launch

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Example use cases

Line of business apps

Mobile apps

Desktop applications

3rd party integrations

Mobile apps

Upsize Microsoft Access

Upsize Microsoft Excel

Complex website integrations

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Microsoft Custom Developers in Kent

Too many businesses limp along with inefficient software and manual processes. Here at Impreza IT we use a simple 3-step process to rapidly develop applications that transform businesses into lean, efficicent organisations.

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How long does it take to develop an application?

Every application is different, so it's impossible to generalise, but we've worked on small projects that take a few days up to those that run many months.

Should I explore off-the-shelf first?

Absolutely. We always recommend exploring off-the-shelf options first. Once you've establised there is no viable solution, then we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how a custom project could meet your needs.

I want to update a spreadsheet into an application - can you help?

Yes, no problem. We've helped many organisations to elevate their spreadsheets into database driven applications. In fact, its with the introduction of Microsoft PowerApps, the process has become even faster.