Secure your emails by using email encryption

We all send dozens of emails every day, and they often contain sensitive data. Imagine the impact if a message were to get sent to an unintended recipient, or if a sensitive email were to be hacked. Unencrypted emails simply do not offer enough protection in the modern world.

For as long as emails have been a business-critical application (and often the only way to communicate sensitive data), email security has been a challenge.

Emails are typically sent over the internet in plain text and subject to being hacked, which could result in the loss of sensitive data with severe implications.

Most emails were only ever intended to be read by designated parties but this can be hard to control.

Secure Messaging as part of Microsoft EM+S allows users to encrypt emails, thus securing them in transit and ensuring that only the intended recipient can access them.

Email encryption is easy to use and can be applied from any device. Access to the email can be limited to prevent printing and forwarding to unintended parties.

You can even prevent emails from being accessed by non-company employees.

The result is an enterprise class email encryption service that is guaranteed to keep your communications secure.


What can Secure Messaging do?

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