Control how your data is processed regardless of where it goes.

Managing company data can be a real headache. From duplicate spreadsheets to leaked data, it’s a tall order to govern your data across all users and devices. Managing the processing of data at a granular level is key to success.

We’re well beyond a time when simply restricting access to a document was enough to consider your data secure. Whilst company policies and processes are great for dictating how data should be accessed, stored and processed, the reality is people don’t always follow them.

Key to securing your data is controlling the processing of it and access to it at a granular level. Azure Information Protection is included as part of Microsoft EM+S and allows you to set specific policies to prevent the misuse of company data.

Integrating with SharePoint Online, Azure Information Protection goes far beyond your own organisation and protects documents wherever they’re accessed. You can prevent specific document types, or whole document libraries from being edited, downloaded or sent to external parties.

If you do need to share a document with an external party, you can do this using SharePoint Online. Access rights to can be limited to specified users with online viewing only to prevent unsolicited downloading and forwarding.

Documents continue to carry restrictions with them regardless of where they are sent. Even downloaded documents can be setup to have access expire after a given time period.

By using Azure Information Protection you can ensure that you’re data stays safe at all times, wherever it goes.

What can Azure Information Protection offer?

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