Cloud managed identity-driven security using Azure Active Directory allows you to manage your users regardless of their location.

With greater threats to cybersecurity, it’s becoming increasingly important that users can securely access company apps and data. Keeping up with managing security for a remote work force can be challenging using on-premise based solutions.

Cloud managed identity-driven security can ensure that your users, and no one else, can access what they need to regardless of location.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is included as part of Microsoft EM+S and allows for the cloud based management of users and devices. AAD can either replace your existing on-premise domain controller, or integrate with it in a hybrid setup.

The benefit of using AAD is that you can centrally manage your users regardless of their location, and roll out updates and policy changes that will automatically be applied.

This means that you can be confident that users will be secure regardless of their location. The option to setup Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) adds an additional layer of security to ensure your users access systems securely.

The addition of Cloud App security allows for the risk assessment of Software as a Service (SaaS) apps that your users require, to ensure that only approved secure apps can be accessed. You can even apply granular policies to place limitations on company data that each app can access.

What features does AAD offer?

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