Protect your company from email attacks with class-leading email security.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Office 365 ensures that you’re protected from potential threats which can be delivered by email, which is where most attacks take place. This includes scanning emails for malicious attachments and blocking or quarantining them to ensure you do not get malware installed on your device.

Even if you receive an email from a known contact whose account has been hacked, the software will scan and detect if an attachment contains malware such as ransomware that could spread across your network. The software utilities sand-boxing to test attachments without affecting your device.

Links within emails are also carefully checked by a live online database, meaning any link you click on within an email will automatically be blocked if it’s dangerous. This prevents users from inadvertently accessing malicious websites that could get you to give up your username/password or deliver malware.

Anti-phishing applies a set of machine learning principles alongside impersonation detection algorithms to emails providing protection from commodity and spear phishing attacks.

Mailbox intelligence is used to provide an advanced understanding of a user’s email habits and personal contacts. It learns how each user communicates with other people and builds a map of these relationships to detect impersonation attempts and flag or block them.

By using ATP you can rest easy at night knowing that even your least tech-savvy users will be safe from email based attacks.

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