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National Distribution Company

  • Wholesale

  • 85 users

  • London


Established in 1954, this client has become the UK’s leading supplier of fenestration parts to trade businesses across the UK

The business had grown to process a high volume of small transaction sales that required multiple manual processes to complete orders. It was determined that process automation could be used to replace dozens of manual tasks that were taking hours of admin time.

Process automation allowed for increased efficiency, reduced human errors and an overall cost saving.

Project Description

Initially, we analysed the existing processes and workflows to fully understand the interaction between systems and the requirements for process automation.

A sample existing process was used to build a set of new workflows using Power Automate. These flows successfully completed a task that had previously relied on a person to manually initiate a macro in Excel to extract data from a spreadsheet, before sending the data by email. This automation freed up personnel, whilst allowing the process to be completed with absolute accuracy and full auditability.

Another flow required the scheduled and automated analysis of a website, with the data shown on screen recorded into the central database ready to be analysed and used to assign required actions to employees. This flow removed the need to devote many hours on a regular basis to manually performing this task, which also reduced the risk of human error.

Several other processes were transformed with Power Automate, which ultimately led to a reduction in admin overheads and improved accuracy, allowing the business to save money whilst laying the foundations to continue rapid growth.

Project Benefits

  • Improved accuracy for repetitive and mistake prone administrative tasks
  • Full auditability for processes completed using Power Automate
  • Cost reduction by using automation software to reduce administrative costs
  • Better scalability that allowed the business to grow rapidly without unnecessary admin overheads
  • Uniform results due to following a clearly defined and tested process
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