Using Microsoft Teams to Make and Receive Phone Calls Anywhere from any Device

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The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

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The Challenging Behaviour Foundation is the charity for people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges. The charity work to improve the lives of children and adults across the UK through information and support, and they also help others to provide better services and more opportunities. 

As part of the charity’s Digital Transformation, they needed to implement a cloud-based phone system and improve the ability to communicate and collaborate. 

Project Description

We had previously implemented a Microsoft 365 solution, that enabled a more dynamic workforce, and the ability to work simply and securely from any device or location. However, communication was still a challenge 

With a traditional ISDN phone system in place, the phone system needed to be upgraded. Challenges included limited phone system capabilities and difficulties when making/receiving calls outside of the office. 

To address these issues, we recommended implementing a cloud-based VoIP solution using Microsoft Teams. This solution enabled users to make and receive calls from any location, from any device. 

Microsoft 365 Business Voice licences were provided to give users access to a full phone system, calling plan and audio conferencing. This allowed the charity to remove their existing phone linesand utilise a solution that only requires an internet connection to use – this resulted in an overall cost saving. 

Costly and immobile traditional handsets were replaced with wireless headsets, and mobile apps were installed across users’ devices. This allowed for users to easily transition between working in the office, and working from home without the need to divert incoming calls, or make outgoing calls from a non-company number. 

As a unified communications solution, Microsoft Teams has also enabled instant messaging, video conferencing and virtual meetings, both with internal and external users 

One of the key benefits was the integration of Teams into the existing Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing for simple sharing of data through Teams and the ability to collaborate on projects from a single-pane of glass. 

The end result was a unified communications solution, that fully integrated with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and greatly helped the charity to continue working and communicating through the recent national lockdown. 

Project Benefits

  • Improved communications regardless of location and device
  • Collaborative working capabilities and full integration of the phone system into the existing Microsoft 365 environment
  • Reduction in costs by eliminating expenditure on phone lines and call charges


"We have worked with Impreza for many years and with their support we have recently moved all our IT systems online using Microsoft 365. This proved invaluable when we all had to quickly move to working from home earlier this year, so we were confident in choosing them to deliver the move of our telephone system to Teams Voice and enable our helpline to continue ."

-Helen Marron, Finance & Fundraising Lead
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