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EM+S Blog Week 2: Azure Information Protection

EM+S Blog Week 2: Azure Information Protection

This week we’ll be looking at Azure Information Protection. It’s provided as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security solution.

So what is Azure Information Protection (AIP)?

AIP is a tool which allows you to put in place policies to manage exactly what happens to your data. It allows you to prevent certain file types to be seen or edited by unauthorised parties and can prevent the sending of sensitive documents.

Here are 4 great reasons that you should be using it:

1. You’ll be able to control what data can be sent

Azure Information Protection allows you to classify your documents within SharePoint based on the library they’re in, document type or content. Granular access rights and permissions means that you’ll never have to worry about a sensitive company document getting into the wrong hands.

2. Your data will be safe regardless of where it goes

Azure Information Protection continues to protect your data regardless of where it goes. This means that even if a document is sent to somebody and downloaded you can set the access to expire at a pre-determined date in the future.

3. You’ll never have to worry about people sending private information again

You can setup Azure Information Protection to automatically lock-down documents based on the information they contain. For example, you can set any document that contains a credit card number, passport number or similar type of information, to automatically restrict sending to external parties.

4. Your staff won’t need to do anything differently

Because Azure Information Protection is controlled using pre-defined policies, your staff can keep working as normal. If they do mistakenly or intentionally try to send, or edit a document that is locked down, they will simply be denied access to do so. This means you won’t have to worry about changing the way your staff work.

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