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EM+S Blog Week 3: Identity-Driven Security

EM+S Blog Week 3: Identity-Driven Security

This week we’ll be looking at Identity-Driven Security using Azure Active Directory. It’s provided as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security solution.

So what is Identity-Driven Security?

Identity-Driven Security is a way of controlling who can access your data as well as how and where it can be accessed. The idea behind it is that you’ll be able to reduce the chances of high-risk access and prevent unauthorised parties from gaining access.

Here are 4 great reasons that you should be using it:

1. You can limit access depending on security risk

Conditional Access is a way to control remote access based on a series of factors. For example, you could stipulate that access from a remote location must require multi-factor authentication to login, or that only users of certain level of risk can access data remotely. This means anyone accessing your systems will need to meet with the conditions that you agree.

2. You can manage your staff regardless of where they are

You can easily roll-out group policies and enforce things like password policies to your remote users, without them needing to visit the office or logon to the server. This will enable your remote workforce to go anywhere and still be managed and protected.

3. You’ll reduce the risk of being hacked

A password is a great way to control access to your systems, but passwords can be hacked, lost or shared amongst other users. By using multi-factor authentication, you can ensure that only your staff can access their applications.

In addition to this, Azure Active Directory can detect fraudulent login attempts by monitoring impossible travel. If you were to login from two different countries with insufficient time to travel between them, access would be denied.

4. It will give you peace of mind

Being able to confidently say that you know exactly who can access your systems, and under what conditions, will let you rest easy at night knowing that your data is safe.

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