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EM+S Blog Week 4: Mobile Device Management

EM+S Blog Week 4: Mobile Device Management

This week we’ll be looking at Microsoft's Mobile Device Management product Intune. It’s provided as part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security solution.

So what is Mobile Device Management (MDM)? In short, MDM allows you to securely manage all of your mobile company and personal devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

Keeping track of which devices are accessing your data and systems is critical for maintaining information security. Here are 4 great reasons that you should be using MDM:

1. You can keep your users’ devices up-to-date wherever they are

Intune allows you to provision changes to settings and profiles for devices in any location. Additionally, you can publish mobile apps to users’ devices as well as roll out updates. This removes the need to manually update individual devices in person allowing for greater mobility of workers and easier management.

2. Your employees won’t be limited to using company devices

Intune can be used to manage any device whether it’s company-managed, employee-managed or managed by a 3rd party. Your data can be secured on any device including ones using iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems.

3. And they don’t need to enrol their personal devices

For users that wish to access company data and applications from unmanaged devices they can still do this securely by taking advantage of tools such as data loss prevention policies and conditional access, which are available via Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. This way data is protected at the app level rather than by securing the entire device.

4. Intune allows you to check device compliance and remove company data remotely

Intune allows you to report and measure device compliance to assess which devices are at risk and require remediation preventing dangerous devices from accessing your data.

Additionally, you can remove all company data from a given device should an employee leave, or a device be lost, meaning you no longer need to worry about data loss from errant devices.

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