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What's your weakest link?

What's your weakest link?

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link, and IT is no different.

Imagine the scenario. You’re going on holiday and it’s time for those last-minute house checks. Doors locked? Check. Alarm set? Check? Electronics switched off? Check. Timer on for the lights? Done.

But there’s one thing you forgot. You left a window open in the garage!

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link, and IT is no different.

Cybersecurity is a dynamic industry with a constantly changing threat landscape. Protection tools that were adequate a few years are no longer enough and will leave you and your business vulnerable to the latest threats.

Sure, you may have antivirus, and you may even have a few other measures in place, but are you sure you have everything covered? What about your Firewall? Your users? Your data? Your mobile devices? You may have the best security in the world but if you’re only protecting your data when it’s being accessed from corporate devices in the office, what happens when your users access data remotely on the personal devices? Are those devices compliant? Are they password protected? What happens if they lose the device?

The reality is that if there’s a hole in your armour, someone will find it – it’s just a question of when.

So, what constitutes a secure IT environment? It’s a combination of physical security measures and tested processes. The level of security you require will very much depend on the type of organisation you are and your attitude towards risk.

If the only cyber-security measure you have in place is your antivirus software, it’s time to review things. If you’d like to find out more about how you can better secure your network and make sure you haven’t left any doors wide open, please get in touch and we can offer you a free security review.

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